We increase

We know how to optimize on-line and off-line communication channels recommended by media agencies. We know optimal ways how to use them even more effectively.
We know how to proceed to ensure that the quality of media is always at the highest level.
We help our Clients to navigate efficiently in the maze of media parameters and constantly changing prices.
We describe reality as it is in simple and understandable language.
We understand the importance of every dollar spent on media and the associated burden of responsibility on the shoulders of those making key financial decisions.

We are
and hardworking

We keep our promises

When asked, we are happy to talk about the successes of our Clients who, thanks to our knowledge and experience, buy media better than their competitors.
We are here to be on your side.
We work to be worthy of your trust.


IAM is the first company in Poland specializing in comprehensive control and optimization of advertising expenditure in off-line and on-line media,
i.e. broadly understood media audit.
IAM was founded in Poland in 2004 by four former directors from the largest media agencies and advertsing agencies. Since then they work as media auditors at IAM.
IAM is based on 100% of Polish capital combined with many years of greatest experience on the market.
IAM never provided services to media agencies and media owners. IAM is not related by capital/investment or person to media agencies nor media owners. As a result, the expertise received by IAM Clients is 100% independent, reliable and objective.
From the very first day of its operation, IAM systematically contributes to the continuous increase of media market transparency in accordance with the code developed by the World Federation of Advertisers.


Media Performance Pulse; Strategic Media Consultancy


key words:
• monthly campaign optimization • weekly campaign monitoring
• off-line media • on-line media • proactive attitude • control • performance
• improvement • higher media quality • lower media cost • cost-free GRP
• programmatic • video • display • performance-driven campaigns • transparency
• higher reach • effective frequency • understandable language
• precise media targeting
• media strategy matched with marketing strategy.

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Pitch Management; Negotiations; Audyt Ex-Post; Benchmarking; Pool


key words:
• security • contractual guarantees • explicit • accountability
• verifiability • responsibility • detail • big data • data driven
• apple-to-apple comparisons • opersonal involvement of IAM partners
• media agencies • digital agencies

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The Clients

Our Clients are mainly international corporations, but also Polish companies that are often leaders in their product categories, including the largest advertisers on the Polish market, who benefit from IAM years of experience in off-line and on-line media.

We have been working for all the largest industries, product categories and various target groups.

In total, from the very beginning, our Clients have entrusted us with thousands of audit and consulting projects, hundreds of tenders for the selection of a media agency (also on foreign markets) and negotiation projects.


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